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Migrating One Of The Largest Data Warehouses Of Europe To The Cloud

After engaged in discussion about the business challenges with the current solution we quickly identified 3 major areas of improvement for the next solution: cost, performance, operational stability. Improving on all of these at once was hard but we have 40 years worth of experience with large scale data warehouses and cloud looked like a natural fit to solve our challenges. After a successful POC we have migrated all of the data to AWS within 3 months, saving 30% (around 600.000 EUR) of the year over year budget. Performance got slightly better while operational stability has increased and our customer could enjoy the first year without major outage.

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Optimizing A Large Data Warehouse

Our client is a major player in the security industry with lots of data. At the beginning of their data journey they took some unfortunate design decisions that became a problem for the business, because the current solution could not sustain their growth. We run a 3 months engagement that was successfully concluded. We could cut down their storage cost by 75% while increasing the average query performance to 300%. This was enough improvement that they could add their next customers who were waiting on capacity constraints before.

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Cloud Migration Project With One Of The Banks Of Europe

Our client is one of the major banks in Europe that decided to migrate some of its operations to the cloud. Since we have been working on many cloud migrations before we took the risk to go outside of our confort zone and do an application migration that is not primarily data focused. It turned out to be one of our longest engagement with many challanges that we solve day by day. This includes, security, continous integration and monitoring.

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Data Driven Leadership Course

We have been asked to participate in a small training session for executives from different industries. We have been focusing on the data driven aspects of IT operations and busting many myths along the way. The most interesting part for our trainees was applied statistics for driving operational excellence. Later in the brainstorming sessions there were many ideas born how to use data to optimize their own IT operations.

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